No matchmaking destiny 2

no matchmaking destiny 2

Did awful matchmaking make control so bad in Destiny 2?

A recent Destiny 2 clip showed a player dominating Control using a powerful SMG, and while the roll on the weapon was one of the factors why they could do this, its also possible that awful matchmaking played a part as well. Heres hoping that some changes will be made with The Witch Queen expansion, coming in under a month.

Is skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) the real problem in Destiny?

Its been an issue in Destiny for quite some time now, and is constantly blamed on Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) evolving into some bad new form that gives one great player five weights to drag them down. Now, Bungie has chimed in to say that while they recognize this is a problem, it’s definitely not SBMM, despite that constantly being blamed.

What are the odds of winning Destiny 2 Crucible matches?

This means that, on average, Destiny 2 Crucible matches are not on a 40% vs. 60% chance to win or lose, but rather the spread between those projections is much higher.

Does Destiny 2 have a sandbox?

Bungie usually addresses the former with sandbox patches in-between Seasons, but Destiny 2 players can still be matched with allies or foes that have wildly different Power Levels and elo ratings.

Is there a full list of sandbox changes in Destiny 2?

Try refreshing the page. Yesterday in the TWAB, Bungie laid out a whole bunch of sandbox changes coming to Destiny 2 in Beyond Light. While it may not be a full list and more could be coming, the general community reaction to what was listed here was…somewhat muted, as it contains a whole lot of nerfs and only some seemingly minor buffs.

Why is Destiny 2 under maintenance for 15 mins?

Today, Destiny 2 was under maintenance for about 15 mins on all platforms. This was because of the Solstice of Heroes event in Destiny 2. Sandbox Update 2.5.2 fixed a lot of bugs.

Whats new in Destiny 2 season 17?

It wasnt impacted by the previous Shotgun change, and was much too strong with Shotguns and Fusion Rifles getting reduced range, this brings it more in line. Reduced damage falloff start and end by 25%. The loot pool will be refreshed in Season 17. (Picture: Bungie)

Is Sunset finally getting nerfed in Destiny 2?

It’s finally getting nerfed, on top of being sunset, as it would still dominate a ton of PvP modes if they did nothing to it. Splash damage has been cut by 33% and combined with an impact damage nerf, overall damage is down 5%. Projectile velocity is down from 1.4 to 1.2 making it easier to dodge. In-air accuracy is lower. Good, I love it.

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