Who is nicole from cartel crew dating

who is nicole from cartel crew dating

Are Nicole from cartel crew and Torrey’s boyfriend still together?

As it turns out, Nicole from Cartel Crew and her new boyfriend have an open relationship. The 26-year-old told fans that she wasn’t bothered by Winter’s photo because she and Torrey aren’t exclusive. I don’t give a f--k what he does, you feel me?

Did Torrey Craig cheat on Nicole Zavala on cartel crew?

On Season 2 of Cartel Crew, it was revealed that Nicole Zavala is casually seeing NBA player Torrey Craig. But despite claims that he treats her like gold, the b-baller appears to have already cheated on the VH1 star just a couple of months into dating.

Who is Jourdan Graziano from cartel crew?

More so, she is an actress who appeared in the television series Cartel Crew, which premiered on VH1 in 2019. Also, this hottie is an Instagram star who is known for posting her semi-nudes and nudes on this platform.

Are Torrey and Nicole from 90 Day Fiancé still together?

The two are in love, and have been talking about starting a family together for some time now. Well over the weekend, Nicole learned that Torrey has been sleeping with someone on the side - in fact another reality star - Winter Blanco from Bad Girls Club. And it was Winter - who exposed that shes the NBA ballers side chick.

Who is Nicole Zavala dating?

Bad Girls Club Winter Caught F*Cking Cartel Crew Nicoles NBA BF!! Nicole Zavala from the VH1 hit series Cartel Crew is in a long-term relationship with NBA player Torrey Craig, #3 on the Denver Nuggets. The two are in love, and have been talking about starting a family together for some time now.

Are Kat&Eddie still together on ‘cartel crew?

Are Kat & Eddie Still Together on ‘Cartel Crew’? VH1/YouTube Cartel Crew, VH1s hit docu-series that follows the sons and daughters of members of drug cartels, premieres tonight at 9/8c. Kat “Tatu Baby” Flores and Eddie Soto have had an on/off relationship on Cartel Crew.

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