Mystic messenger jaehee dating

mystic messenger jaehee dating

How do I get Jaehees route in Mystic Messenger?

Starts Mystic Messenger and end up on Jaehees route with our complete walkthrough. This Mystic Messenger guide page provides a walkthrough from the Prologue through to Day 4, giving the correct answers to obtain Jaehees route at the character branch after the four shared days.

Can We invite Jaehee Kang to Mystic Messenger?

Hopefully, we can invite many people. Jaehee Kang is one of the characters available from the Casual Story option in Mystic Messenger, and the only female character with a route. She is the chief secretary in the C&R International company and works as Jumin Han s assistant.

What are some tips for dating Jaehee?

Jumin works Jaehee to the bone. If she expresses stress about her job or Jumin bossing her around, support her the best you can. Fangirl with her, but not too much. Jaehee is a huge Zen fan and fangirling with her will also bring you hearts, but do your best to not flirt with Zen.

How Chatty is the chat room in Mystic Messenger?

Everyone is fairly chatty in the chat room, but we are serious about the organizations party. Hopefully, we can invite many people. Jaehee Kang is one of the characters available from the Casual Story option in Mystic Messenger, and the only female character with a route.

How does the Jaehee Mystic Messenger walkthrough work?

Our Jaehee Mystic Messenger walkthrough takes you right through from the character lock in to whichever ending youre chasing. This Mystic Messenger guide page provides complete handholding to complete Jaehees route.

What is the easiest route to get on in Mystic Messenger?

Jaehee Kang is one of the easiest routes to get on in Mystic Messenger. This is because she is part of the original free routes that you can play for free. She is also the only female route in the game, making her perfect for fans who are over-dating the boys.

How do I get on Jaehees route?

To get on Jaehees route you will need to do the following things in chat: Dont Try to Be Zens Girlfriend, but understand Jaehees love for him Dont let Jumin Push Her Around and Support Her Opinions Give Jaehee Your Attention in the Chat

Why are there four days in the Jaehee guide?

All FOUR days are here because splitting the guide up into individual posts is dumb. Before we start, these choices go me into Jaehee’s route. You aren’t required to follow this 100%, but I cannot guarantee that you will get Jaehee’s route.

10: Yoosung, you are so naive.;;; 11: Congrats on being fooled. 12: I’ll do what my heart desires. 13: Have a good day, Jaehee. 1: Jaehee, how is your break?

Why cant I catch Jaehee?

8: I truly wish for your happiness too, Jaehee. 10: If that’s what you decided to do… I’ll support you. 11: Cheer up, Jaehee~! 1: Yoosung, how was the digging?

What is Mystic Messenger chat times schedule guide?

Now, we discussed the Mystic Messenger Chat Times Schedule guide for Deep Story, Casual story, and another story. This guide will help you to track the chat of each character. As you know the mystic messenger is working in real-time but you can log in and interact with the character of your choice by using this chat schedule.

What is an open chat room in Mystic Messenger?

Chat rooms are one of the key features of Mystic Messenger where the player gets to interact with the other characters in the game. An open chat room will last until the next timing when another chat room will open. Should that happen, the player will not be able to participate in the expired chat room unless they use 5 hourglasses...

What time do the chat rooms start?

Each chat room starts at around midnight, but if you miss the morning chats, you can always purchase them with Hourglasses so you can participate in the chats. Each route and day has different timings so check your game from time to time.

Why is Mystic Messenger so popular?

Since its release in 2016, the game has risen through the ranks and has become one of the most played otome games around the world for its unique concept, characters, and its thrilling plot. Mystic Messenger is a great game to cure your boredom as it gives players something to look forward to.

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