Are spencer and toby from pretty little liars dating in real life

are spencer and toby from pretty little liars dating in real life

How does Spencer feel about Toby and Hanna dating?

Spencer is reluctant to get Toby involved, and tells Hanna that she had to cancel on a date with him; it wouldnt be fair to ask him to escort her best friend. However, Spencer eventually agrees to allow Toby to take Hanna.

What does Toby say to Spencer on the watch?

Opening the watch, Toby finds an engraved message, “You are my once upon a time. –S”. Overwhelmed, Toby merely says, “Spence”, to which Spencer tells him that she loves him and the two embrace in a hug.

What is the message over Spencers barn on Pretty Little Liars?

As they’re admiring the tree, snow starts falling and a message over Spencer’s barn lights up, “Merry Christmas, Bitches. –A”. Outside of the Rosewood Church following Monas funeral, Toby approaches Spencer and the Liars, just as Spencer says that she’s still an alleged murderer.

Why does Toby say its weird to share parents with Spencer?

When Spencer mentions his parents never figuring it out, Toby says Jenna was scared that everyone would pity her even more. Spencer says that its weird because the most honest person she knows (Toby) has to share parents with the most deceitful person in Rosewood (Jenna).

What does Toby think is happening between Spencer and him?

Toby quickly fills Spencer in on what is happening between the two of them, although he is as clueless as Spencer about what (and who) they are really arguing about. Toby wants answers. In The Blond Leading the Blind , Toby thinks he and Spencer are dating.

What did Toby give Spencer on the first date?

Toby gives Spencer the present he was planning on giving her on the date, which is a Scrabble letter necklace with S on it, representing the Scrabble game they played the night before they first kissed. Toby leaves in disappointment, and Veronica takes over. Spencer is really upset to know that she ruined the date.

What is the relationship between a and Toby?

A - A forced Spencer to keep him safe by not being with him. A also caused Toby to fall off scaffolding and break his arm as revenge for Spencer kissing him when they were supposed to be broken up to keep him safe. Also, A recruited Toby to the A-Team and when Spencer found out she was heartbroken.

Why does Toby want answers in the Blond Leading the blind?

Toby wants answers. In The Blond Leading the Blind , Toby thinks he and Spencer are dating. He shows up at her house to get his stuff and he even calls her. Before he showed up, A sent Spencer a text saying I WARNED YOU! with a picture of them kissing in his car. Worried what A might do, Spencer has Emily take the call.

What is the relationship between Toby and Spencer?

Toby was the first guy that Spencer opened up to about her family. She trusted him when she told him about her dad and the time she ran away. Spencer was also the first person Toby has ever opened up to because he talked to her about getting framed for killing Ali. They have both run away.

What does Toby say to Spencers dad in the shower?

Toby comes out in only a towel, starting to say, Spence, I got the hot water..., possibly implying that Spencer and Toby were going to shower together. Spencers dad tells Toby to put some pants on, and then they have a talk about Radley. Spencer finds out that her dad has an ulterior motive for wanting Toby to sign the Radley papers.

What does Toby find Spencer looking at in Crazy?

In Crazy , Toby finds Spencer looking at something in front of the school. He sits next to her so he could talk to her. He wants to know why she is avoiding him and why she lied. Spencer explains to him that she was with Jason and he didnt find that anklet on his own to prove that Garret was guilty.

What does Toby tell Spencer in I must confess?

In I Must Confess , Toby gives Spencer a ride to school in his truck. Spencer thinks that it was Garret on the phone and that Garret and Jenna got into a fight. Toby also tells Spencer that Jenna and Garret were in front of Jasons house and thinks that the We See Everything Club is back.

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