Singles dating cruise 2020

singles dating cruise 2020

Are Cruise Lines becoming more accommodating to solo travelers?

More and more cruise lines are becoming more accommodating to the solo traveler, offering everything from reduced rates, pairing programs, singles groups, single cabins and more.

What is a singles cruise?

Singles Cruise - solo cruising vacations Not very often, some singles cruise lines provide special deals on select voyages specially themed as solo-travel vacations. Most deals are offered as specials on usually shorter itineraries and during low- or off-season times.

Where can I find information about solo-cruise themes for singles?

CruiseMappers singles cruise survey provides information and tips on solo-cruising themed voyages on ocean-going ships and riverboats. Themed cruises for singles are an excellent opportunity for solo travelers to meet other single people sharing common interests or particular subjects.

What are the best cruises for single travelers?

Crystal Cruises has a fixed 125% single supplement rate, so Crystal boats attract a great number of single travelers. The super-expensive luxury brand Silversea offers super-single supplement fares of only 110% plus the possibility to make itinerary fit your timetable.

Are solo Cruises becoming more popular?

Cruise lines are quickly becoming more accessible and appealing to solo travelers. Traveling alone on cruise ships just got a whole lot better. In the last several years, a variety of cruise lines have introduced single-occupancy cabins on their ships, as well as events and activities just for those interested in solo cruises.

Which Cruise Lines are adding solo cabins to ships?

Royal Caribbean, Cunard and Holland America are among other lines that have been adding solo cabins to ships of late. Norwegian Cruise Line has been a leader in adding solo cabins to its ships. Here, one of the “studio” cabins for one that are now on half a dozen Norwegian vessels.

Can you go solo on a cruise ship?

Most voyages also offer bar-crawls and singles meetups for those cruising alone. Studio Cabins: Norwegian was the first cruise line to build a group of cabins specifically meant for guests traveling solo on some of their ships.

Do solo cruisers pay 200% for the stateroom?

Most times a solo cruiser will pay 200% for the stateroom. It depends on the cruise line whether or not to charge the solo cruiser double the taxes, fees and port charges. Yes, they do that and in my opinion, that’s wrong. Especially when you’re already paying 200% of the base cruise fare. Choose wisely before you book.

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