V dating jennie

v dating jennie

Are V and Jennie dating?

Are V and Jennie Dating? If the photo of V and Jennie is authentic, its possible the stars could be dating, but its also possible they were just hanging out as friends. However, if the photo is fake, this whole situation could have just been a misunderstanding considering its rare we see photos of either V or Jennie in public at all.

Are BTS V and Blackpink Jennie dating?

Fans Are Convinced BTS V And Blackpink Jennie Are DATING! BTS V and Jennie have been spotted by some fans together on Jeju island, sparking dating rumours. Read what fans have got to say about it! This isn’t the first time that an idol has been shipped, perhaps even linked to dating another idol in the K-Pop industry.

Are G-Dragon and Jennie dating?

For the unversed, Jennie had confirmed dating BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, for almost a year. With Jennie now being rumoured to be dating V, fans are assuming that the couple has called their relationship quits and that Jennie has found her new love in V.

Did V and Jennie fly together on May 21?

On May 25, an airline employee confirmed that Jennie and V were on a flight to Jeju together on May 21. Some fans refused the believe it because the persons hair whos alleged to be Jennie in the photo was brown, and Jennie had revealed her orange hair in April, and it was still orange on her latest Instagram post on May 15.

Are V and Jennie from Big Hit dating?

“BigHit has confirmed the relationship between V and Jennie. The dating rumors sparked after V followed Jennie on Instagram a few weeks ago but he then immediately unfollowed her after being bullied by fans. This morning, Dispatch released a photo of the two at the airport bound for Paris.

Are BTS’ V and Blackpink’s Jennie dating?

Are BTS V and BLACKPINKs Jennie Dating? K-pop fans are honing their detective skills after rumors circulated online that K-pop stars BTS V and BLACKPINKs Jennie were recently vacationing in Jeju Island of South Korea. This led to many believing that the two artists were dating and enjoying time together.

Are G-Dragon and Jennie dating?

V and Jennie dating rumors surfaced first on May 22nd hours after netizens were discussing that Jennie and Bigbang’s G-Dragon is no longer together. While YG Entertainment never confirmed Jennie’s rumored relationship with G-Dragon after Dispatch shared Paparazzi photos of the duo on February, 2021, many had assumed that the duo is together.

Is Jennie dating someone in K-pop?

The K-pop online fandom is already alight with wild theories, assumptions, and carefully constructed timelines. This is not Jennies first K-pop dating scandal – she previously went public on January 1, 2019, after exposing her relationship with EXO boyband member Kai. The pair announced they had broken up on January 25, 2019.

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