Carbon dating puma punku

carbon dating puma punku

How old is the Puma Punku?

Another group of archaeologists used the carbon dating method to date the construction of Puma Punku to between 400-600 AD. People who disagree with this later date often argue that the radiocarbon dating results provided by anthropology professor William H. Isbell of the University of Illinois are inaccurate and provide an unreliable date range.

What happened to Pumapunku?

Today the monumental complex on top of the platform mound lies in ruins. Pumapunku is part of the Tiwanaku Site near Tiwanacu, in western Bolivia. It is believed to date to AD 536.

What makes the Puma Punku ruins in Bolivia so special?

Although the Puma Punku megaliths are the most eye-catching aspects of the site, the majority of the architecture is made up of smaller stones. Precisely carved stone at Pumapunku ruins, Pre-Columbian archaeological site, Bolivia. ( Matyas Rehak /Adobe Stock)

Was Puma Punku built by aliens?

Some believe that Puma punku couldn’t have been built without help from alien beings. The complex is in complete ruins today with huge blocks of granite lying around on top of each other. The site appears to have been destroyed by an earthquake, perhaps accompanied by a tidal wave from Lake Titicaca.

Did Ancient Aliens build Pumapunku?

Ancient Aliens starts off with a false dilemma by making people think that it was absolutely impossible for ancient people to construct Pumapunku, even to the point of making outright false claims. AA: “One of the most intriguing thing there is it that the stones that were used there weren’t sandstone, they’re granite and diorite.

How were the walls of Puma Punku assembled?

In assembling the walls of Puma punku, each stone was finely cut to interlock with the surrounding stones and the blocks fit together like a puzzle, forming load-bearing joints without the use of mortar. One common engineering technique involves cutting the top of the lower stone at a certain angle,...

How old is the Puma Punku complex?

A radio carbon date of Tiahuanaco’s Puma Punku Complex was obtained from organic material from the lower most and oldest layer of moundfield forming Puma Punku.From this dating, the initial construction of Puma Punku dates to 536 to 600 AD, with the mainstream general consensus being that Puma Punku is roughly 1500 years old.

What can we learn from the mummies of Puma Punku?

The mummies of Puma Punku, preserved on one of the Tiwanaku’s most sacred sites, provide evidence that all members of society — from infants to the elderly — regularly used psychoactive, hallucinogenic plants.

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