Anastasia dating agency

anastasia dating agency

Is Anastasia date a good company?

AnastasiaDate has a consumer rating of 4.09 stars from 1,188 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with AnastasiaDate most frequently mention good luck, customer service and great experience. AnastasiaDate ranks 8th among International Dating sites. Service 147

Is AnastasiaDate a scam or legit?

The Bottom Line – AnastasiaDate isn’t a Scam, but Is Very Expensive. AnastasiaDate works differently than most other dating sites; from the way their verification process operates and the women they “showcase,” to their numerous romantic tours each year.

Do women on Anastasia get paid to chat?

Some women on Anastasia probably do get paid to chat, but it is complicated. If a woman signs up through a dating agency, and there are hundreds of them across Ukraine, the agency gets paid by the website they post her profile on. Then they usually send a portion of that money on to the woman based on how much she is chatting.

Why choose AnastasiaDate?

AnastasiaDate was one of the first companies to develop a platform designed to connect people from around the world and it remains at the forefront of its field, continually developing improved communication technologies that allow people to discover and enjoy the possibilities of an exciting, globally-interconnected future.

Is AnastasiaDate a good dating site?

My best friend got married to a woman he met on this site and I’ve only heard good things about it. Honestly, Anastasiadate is a world brand at online dating and I can’t understand where the bad comments come from. There is so many happy couples out there thanks to this site , you simply can’t fake that.

What is Anastasia date? is another site connected to,, and Since we’ve already done a few different reviews of dating sites from the same network we already have an an idea about what to expect with Anastasia Date.

Why did you join AnastasiaDate?

I joined AnastasiaDate to meet… I joined AnastasiaDate to meet interesting girls. Its a good quality service with real women. AnastasiaDate works perfectly for those… AnastasiaDate works perfectly for those who need an ordinary site with good old chat and mails. Girls are stunning and polite. If you are looking for a dating site…

How do women make money on Anastasia date?

He goes on to state that “there’s two types of women working at You have the models and then you have the translators. The models are the woman who have a webcam and work at the agency doing video chat via webcam. They make money by chatting with you.”

What are the reviews of AnastasiaDate?

AnastasiaDate averages 1.5-stars based on 20 reviews on our website and 2.9-stars based on 130 reviews on Trustpilot. Here’s a summary of the main takeaways:

Why join AnastasiaDate?

I’ve had tons of fun and way less stress on AnastasiaDate than I do in the usual club or bar scene. When I first signed up for I was overwhelmed by the amount of people to talk to. It’s really about choices and on AD they are unlimited! is straightforward and fun.

Is it possible to find love on AnastasiaDate?

There’s a chance you could find love on AnastasiaDate, but the odds are good it will cost you a lot of money and heartbreak to get there. Other sites, like RussianCupid, seem more focused on creating genuine connections, so your time might be better spent there.

Should you use AnastasiaDate for long-distance flirtation?

If, however, you’re looking for some long-distance flirtation and aren’t concerned about cost, AnastasiaDate and its sister sites will likely lead to more instant gratification.

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